Online Philosophy Bibliographies

* Abductive Inference and Inference to the Best Explanation (McGrew)

* Abstract Entities (Sider)

* Bayesian Reasoning (McGrew)

* C.D. Broad

*Byzantine Studies: A Basic Bibliography

Color (Byrne and Hilbert)

* Computing and Philosophy (Floridi)

* Confirmation Theory (McGrew)

* Environmental Ethics

* Events – “50 Years of Events” (Biblio by Casati and Varzi)

* Feminism and the History of Philosophy (Society of Women in Philosophy)

* Knowledge Argument (Alter)

*Meta-ethics (Lenman)

*Meta-ontology (Sider)

* Modality (Sider)

* Non-conceptual Content (Chrisley)

* Persistence (Sider and Zimmerman)

* Philosophy of Mind (Chalmers et al)

* Presocratics (Brisson/Plin)

* Religion and Morality (Lowder)

* Spinoza

*Tense, Mood, Aspect, Diathesis (Carlson)

*Vagueness (Needle)

For a comprehensive list of online bibliographies, see Varzi’s Bibliography section.

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