Philosophy Blogs and Online Magazines

List of Philosophy Weblogs (a comprehensive list by Chalmers)

Ones I read:

Certain Doubts (Kvanving et al – an epistemology blog)

Feminist Philosophers

Generous Orthodoxy Think Tank (mostly Keith DeRose on phil. religion)

John and Belle Have a Blog

Jon Cogburn’s Blog

Knowability (Joe Salerno)

Leiter Reports (news, gossip, rankings, political rants)

Lemmings (Brit Brogaard)

Logic and Language (Gillian Russell)

Long Words Bother Me (Carrie Jenkins)

Metaphysical Values
(Jeremy Pierce)

Pea Soup (an ethics blog)

Prosblogion (philosophy of religion blog)

The Philosophers’ Magazine

Philosophy Now

Thoughts, Arguments, and Rants (Weatherson)

The Wildebeest’s Wardrobe (phil religion and gaming)